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What to Pay Attention to in a Verbal Communication

  • The choice of words
  • The inflections or intonations
  • The silence between the words
  • The articulation
  • The enunciation and monotony
  • The speech tempo (speed rate) and the way itfluctuates
  • The dynamics or amplitude (soft and loud)
  • The register used (high or low)
  • The body language and the way it aligns with theverbal communication
  • How much the person is listening and really payingattention to what’s being discussed
  • Redundancy in words and actions
  • The amount of filler words or speech disfluency (uh,
    ah, umm, er, y’know, I mean, like, so, actually, basically, well, look, just, really, really really, literally, kind of, sort of, ok, ok so, like I said, then…)
  • Electromagnetics — how the listener feels
  • Self-awareness or lack of self-awareness