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I have been leading this independent research on the therapeutic and the esoteric properties of sound for over 22 years. During this time, I have discovered several promising lines of inquiry and implemented them with dramatically positive effects on people’s lives. As I always say, more work is needed, but as my understanding grows, the more evidence mounts of how sound was used in the past, how it might be used in the future, and how it is being and can be used now to help people.

This research is important and I have dedicated my life to it, financing it alone without the support of any grants or funding due to the lack of availability. Your support will provide a valuable contribution to financing and continuing this research and to help cover the cost of fieldwork, scientific studies, purchasing of books, instruments and equipment to further the field of sound research. As always, the results will be shared with everyone on this website and in public in form of presentations, events, and sound meditations. Thank you!

photos by Pascal Perich