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The Problems and Pitfalls Involved in Working with Sound

  • Ego Inflation
  • Spiritual materialism
  • Spiritual bypassing
  • Spiritual superiority
  • Latent narcissistic spirituality and spiritual narcissism
  • Latent narcissistic humility
  • Pathological altruism
  • Boasted humanism
  • Messianism
  • Cultural appropriation (freely adopting the indigenous’ cosmological model)
  • Going native (or turning indigenous): talking, dressing, acting, believing like an indigenous, and echoing the native’s language out of its context
  • I’m a Master; I’m a Healer; l’m a Guru
  • Imitating without understanding
  • Delusional behavior
  • Virtue signaling
  • Monobibliosis (a word I coined): the disease of becoming an expert after having read only one book, having read one bad website, having listened to one podcast, and becoming a shaman after having had five ayahuasca journeys.