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Cautionary Notes for People Who Work With Sound

  • Inform and educate yourself, and learn about what’s out there that you didn’t know it existed and which can be very useful to you
  • Receive sound work and find new ways to experience it and enhanced ways to understand, absorb, and to articulate the experience. Use the phenomenological approach
  • Write down and collect various observations you make. Meditate and reflect on them. Remember that it is all about an inner process of transformation
  • Inform the people you’re working with before you offer them the experience so they can be active participants
  • Do not capitalize on what the sound does! Allow them, and remind them, to own the experience and to feel self-empowered
  • Be aware of what feeds your ego in a negative way and hinders your own process
  • Spot and stay away from gimmicks, dogmas, cults, hooey and hokey stuff, unconfirmed rumors, wishful thinking, wishful believing, myths, and fables. They have proven not help on the personal or community levels. Real spirituality is never about any of this! But understand why people are drawn to them, and the nature of their manifestation and gravity. Be compassionate toward those who are still stuck in them and help in bringing awareness
  • Be super cautious with spiritual materialism
  • Think and observe carefully before you exteriorize an experience
  • Be skeptical (not doubtful)
  • Avoid using stock words and expressions that are à la mode these days and try to find a more meaningful way to articulate what they intend to communicate
  • Meditate on what intentions you have before you do anything significant

photo | Elyaou Bialobos