Video Lectures

On Sound, Consciousness and Spirituality: A Talk at The Assemblage NYC on Dec. 4, 2017

Sound Meditation - East Meets West Medicine Fest 2016

Theory of Sound Therapy and Practice.

New York Times's Well - Wealth Live Video

Alexandre Tannous - Exploring Sound.

A presentation at The National Arts Club, NYC | April, 2015

Humans have been drawn to music since the beginning of time. Ancient and contemporary religions, shamanic societies, mystical and spiritual sects have revered sound to be the ultimate source in the universe and intricately connected to consciousness.

Musical Mathematical Ratios and the Engineering of Consciousness

Free Your Mind features top-caliber whistle-blowers and researchers from across the country who will shed light upon our world’s problems and bring forward empowering solutions.

TEDxBrooklyn: Sound Meditation, A Holistic Model to Sound Therapy

The Fourth Annual TEDxBrooklyn: “EVERYONE ONLY” event took place on December 6, 2013 at Brooklyn Bowl. The talk was about Alexandre’s research on sound; specifically on the protocol that he has designed.

Sound (De)Mystifyied, The National Arts Club

We experience much of the world through our ears and auditory system, which sense and translate the vibrations around us into the sounds we hear. Although we are immersed in sound nearly every moment, like a fish that is unaware of the water, we are barely aware of the miracles at work.

Sound’s impact on human culture extends far beyond speech and music. The ancients revered sound as the ultimate source in the universe, and recognized its intricate connection to consciousness. And shamanic societies used sound to perform healing ceremonies at a level that is still beyond our understanding.

BMW/Guggenheim LAB

Lab Programs: Alexandre Tannous at the Sound Sweep

Composer, musician, and ethnomusicologist Alexandre Tannous discusses the culture and science of sound and leads Lab participants in an interactive exercise to demonstrate the power of sound.

Miscellaneous Videos

Harmonic Sound — Burning Man 2017

Thrive Global Tries Sound Meditation

Instructional Videos

Himalayan Singing Bowls Playing Technique

Alexandre demonstrates some basic Himalayan singing bowls' playing techniques.

Gong Playing Techniques

Alexandre demonstrates some basic gong playing techniques with various mallets.

Ethos--An important Concept in Music and in Sound Therapy

Alexandre explains a very important concept in sound therapy and in music.

Analysis Videos

Understanding Overtones & Harmonics

Equal Temperament Vs Just Intonation

This video explores the history of equal temperament and its disassociation with the natural harmonies produced by the harmonic series.

3:2 Rhythm into Harmony

Mathematics underlies our systems of music as well as many natural phenomenon in the world. This video shows how the ratio of a perfect fifth can be expressed rhythmically and as a harmony in the same example.

Singing Bowl Harmonics

Gain insight into the subtle vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls. This video isolates the harmonics of a singing bowl, giving a unique listening perspective and a deeper understanding of how bowls sound.

Gongs High Frequency Listening

The gong is a beautiful, powerful and complex instrument. This video sheds light on some of its acoustic properties.

Shruti Box - Listening In Detail

Explore the sound of a shruti box, isolating frequencies to better understand the characteristics of this powerful instrument.

Upper Thresholds of Hearing

In this video we explore the upper ranges of human hearing. Use this video, with its visual accompaniment, to test and explore your listening abilities.

Lower Thresholds of Hearing

In this video we explore the lowest ranges of human hearing. Use this video, with its visual accompaniment, to test and explore your listening abilities.