The Frontiers of Healing with Sound: A Talk with Alexandre Tannous

In this interview by Ken Jordan for Reality Sandwich, Alexandre discusses the state of contemporary sound therapy.


Resonance Collective - Alexandre Tannous, on the Power of Sound and Meditation

We met Alexandre Tannous during a sound meditation held in Ibiza by our good friend Claus Sendlinger. Deeply moved by the experience and his wisdom in the space of sound, music and meditation we decided to share it with our community around the globe having hosted various sessions with him in Ibiza and New York. His research on how sound has been used for therapeutic purposes from various angles, including shamanic traditions, eastern philosophical or western scientific, is close to nothing we have come across before. A true master in the field.

Episode 16 – Alexandre Tannous: A Deep Dive into Sound Meditation and the Power of Sonics

A deep dive into sound meditation and the power of sonics. Alexandre Tannous is a musician, educator, composer, and as an ethnomusicologist. For the past 13 years he has been researching the therapeutic and esoteric properties of sound from three different perspectives – Western scientific, Eastern philosophical, and shamanic societal beliefs – to gain a deeper understanding of how, and to what extent, sound has been used to affect human consciousness. This search has led him to the intersection where art, science, philosophy, and spirituality intersect.

Mind Meld 106 | The Ineffable Harmony of Existence with Alexandre Tannous

Sound researcher, musician and world-traveling gnostic-adventurer, Alexandre Tannous returns to the mind meld to unleash an interdisciplinary information torrent.

If you Name Me, You Negate Me - Third Eye Drops: Mind Meld 32

Sound researcher, musician and world-traveling gnostic-adventurer, Alexandre Tannous returns for another mind meld!

Third Eye Drops: Mind Meld 10 - Alexandre Tannous and the Hidden Realms of Sound

As our guide on this week’s ride, we welcome another ridiculously intelligent, well-spoken open-minded multidisciplinary mind freak, Alexandre Tannous.

3 Degrees of Terence McKenna: Dennis McKenna, Alexandre Tannous and Greg Barris in conversation

An interview by David Ellenbogen on NYC Radio Live with Dennis McKenna, Alexandre Tannous and Greg Barris.

Metatron's Reality Hour-Episode 6

Alexandre Tannous hold's no punches as we discuss the finer points of sound meditation and consciousness. He holds a Bachelor of Music with a double major in Music Theory and Composition, and a Master of Arts degree in Music Education from Columbia University Teachers College.

True North : Healing the Body, Mind & Spirit with Music

Music is the international language.  It is also a vital tool for healing.  On today's show we will talk with Alexandre Tannous of on how music can be used for healing.

C-Realms Vault Preview, The Power of Symbols

Here is an excerpt from C-Realm Vault Podcast episode 001 in which KMO talks with Alexandre Tannous about the power of symbols.

C-Realm Vault, The Lure of The Grand Conspiracy Narrative

KMO, Olga K, Dennis McKenna, Alexandre Tannous, and Justin Ritchie talk about the lure of the grand conspiracy narrative.

C-Realm Vault, The Lure of The Grand Conspiracy Narrative

KMO, Olga K, Dennis McKenna, Alexandre Tannous, and Justin Ritchie talk about the lure of the grand conspiracy narrative.

C-Realm Vault, Aliens, Ayahuasca & Global Awakening

The conversation between Olga, KMO and Jonathan Talat Phillips from C-Realm Podcast episode 330: Aliens, Ayahuasca & Global Awakening continues in this episode of the C-Realm Vault.

C-Realm Podcast- Resonant If Not Coherent

KMO welcomes composer and ethnomusicologist, Alexandre Tannous, to the C-Realm Podcast to talk about music, entheogens, shamanism, and techniques for accessing alternate states of consciousness and activating the body's innate healing capacity. KMO intercuts audio clips from the movie Jim, for which Alexandre composed the score and ends with a reading from the book, Nemu's End: History, Psychology, and Poetry of the Apocalypse.

Midwest Real Podcast

Everything is Sound with Alexandre Tannous, Michael Phillip.

Alexandre Tannous is one of those guys whose insight just continually surprises you. It’s as if he’s studied everything and gone everywhere, yet, still manages to maintain a disposition that’s totally down to earth, openminded and in awe of everything.

DoseNation Ep. 48 - Alexandre Tannous

Ethnomusicologist Alexandre Tannous returns to DoseNation with hosts Jake Kettle and Brian Normand to discuss sound meditation, the magic behind music, electronic dance music, overtones, Corsican and Georgian Chant, and more.

DoseNation 12: Alexandre Tannous

A discussion about sacred music, music theory, equal temperament, microtonal scales, harmonic ratios, dubstep, music as a form of mind control, and more.